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Journal Quilts
In 2004, I joined a large textile art group making monthly quilt art "pages" called Journal Quilts, sized 8 1/2" x 11".
That was the third year the project had been going. Many found it helped them develop their work in various ways. 
The journal quilts started in January and went to September. (Although you could carry on if you wished.) 
 I have continued to participate in this project, and have had the joy of having the March 2004 Journal page
included in a new book called "Creative Quilting".
You can see the book at:

Journal Quilts 2004

My first series of Journal Quilts were called "The Elizabeth Pages": A private textile journal of Elizabeth the First.
These pages from 2004 are Not For Sale.



Journal Quilts 2005
An exploration of incorporating fashion samples into art.
These journal quilt pages from 2005 are For Sale.
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Journal Quilts 2006

"The Forgotten Tudors": A continuation of the Tudor theme.
These pages from 2006 are Not For Sale.



Journal Quilts 2007

In 2007, the Journal Quilt project in its first stage came to an end.
The quilts were different from the other years - ONE 17x22 piece.

This piece incorporates at least three of the techniques found in the "Creative Quilting" book.

Journal Quilts 2008

In 2008, the Journal Quilt project was revived in a new form whereby an artist is to make 2 pieces of a similar size to that in 2007. However. to have the work displayed, it must be juried into the show.

Thinking the journal quilt project had finished, I also joined one of the many groups who have recognised the potential for personal development in the project and have taken this concept on board. The Quilt guild of the British Isles started their own Journal Quilt project last year with the A4 format. This year the challenge is to work in a 12in. x12in. format. These will be shown at various venues in the UK in 2009.

Here are the quilts I have made so far. I am exploring some ideas I had about colour and shape, using a thick wool blanket which has been chopped up and dyed with Kool-Aid.



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