January – a few years ago, we had our holiday on Kintyre. By the middle of the week I was going spare with not having any sorts of fabric shops or anything touristy. Finally, went into the charity shop and found 3 old cream wool blankets. Every now and again, I hack a bit off and dye it with Kool-Aid. I have tons sent to me, and it works well on wool.

I have made much smaller pieces somewhat like this. This time I worked with colours I don’t usually use, and instead of hand stitches, used the machine. Because the top is so thick, I used firm interfacing for wadding. The actual piece was developed upside down to this, and it felt like a playground. But when it got stitched, I found it wanted to be this way. Looks a bit like buildings.

I have done themes in past journals, but haven’t decided yet. Most likely will use the wool, as it is already there in several “flavours”!