What Colour is a Migraine?

Experimenting with a technique found in Stitch magazine, which involves fusing fabrics, chopping them up, and fusing them, and chopping them up, on - bit like life really. I used red, burgundy, and grey. It looked so much like my migraines feel, I couldn't believe it. The glue struck through the burgundy, as it was lining fabric, so I fused a red sheer on top, FMQ'd it down and then blasted it with a heat gun, which gave a crispy it felt like the inside of my head, as well as looking like it! The adhesive I used for this quilt made it very stiff, because there were so many layers. If I did this again, I would use an adhesive which gives a softer feel.

The concepts used for this quilt was the inspiration for the larger quilt Colours of A Migraine.

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