To Do Bem?

Changing Perspectives -
2006/7 Travelling Exhibition

Soft Expressions Gallery, Anaheim, Ca

Cannery Row Studio

Greater Chicago Quilt Exposition- Nov. 2006

  size 40cm x 40cm

NFS at this time.


I wanted to explore the concept of how we see other people. Experiencing another country and getting to know the people closely, can make a big difference in your perspective of the world. I had visited Brazil when I was young which really made an impression on me. Also, our family had a Brazilian girl living with us recently. I was fascinated with the greeting “To Do Bem?” which was always said with such cheerfulness when she spoke with her friends on the phone. I rescued an ancient Brazilian Portuguese dictionary from outdoor shelves at a second-hand bookshop, and the idea was born. I also found Amazonite semi-precious stone chips, an old mother of pearl necklace from a charity shop, a piece of mulberry bark and some sample butterfly batik fabric. Those on top of just the right hand dyed fabric by Marion Barnett have gone together to help others think about learning more about our global community.