Travel Poster Challenge from Quilting Arts list.

30cm x 20cm
size requirement: 2:3 ratio

"You are making a poster that represents your area"

Bracknell has many little gems that are often passed over, even by the residents. After thinking about all the ones I would like to make a poster for, I chose South Hill Park, as it is local to me.
The grounds are lovely with the lakes and the green areas enjoyed by young and old. The house is full of life and character whether as a place to enjoy musical performances, see a play in the Wilde Theatre, or experience the opportunity of learning how to create your own art. I chose to take photos of different aspects of South Hill Park that I feel reflect its charm. I am particularly drawn to the outdoor sculptures; modern, historical and even natural. I printed the photos on cotton and fused them down. I then used invisible thread to quilt them.

I hope this poster will encourage others in my neighbourhood to recognise what we have on our doorstep. During the time I was making this, the town has given more funding to South Hill Park to give it a lift and enable even more community events to be held there.

In private collection Sydney, Australia